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Our Mission
We initiated the you2v website with two purposes: internally, You2v serves as a cyber-home for our young volunteers to communicate and to advance; externally, You2v serves as a platform for warm-hearted people to understand and to participate in poverty alleviation and education support project. You2v establishes the connection between the poor students in need of education and warm-hearted. The name, You2v, includes the best wishes: it means you to us to all warm-hearted people. We expect more people to care about our work and get involved. On the other hand, you2v means you to victory to the poor kids who need help. We hope that those kids can use knowledge to change the fate of their own, of their families and even of their hometowns with the help of the entire society.

Our Principles
All for kidsBe down-to-earth to focus on what we can doBe independent, non-government and non-religious.Be fair, open, and honest.Welcome all warmhearted people¡¯s participation and supervision. Accept all possible cooperation ways with other groups.

Our Work
You2v website was initiated by the sixth baton of Baise Project of the Chinese Youth Volunteer Poverty Alleviation Relay Program, which is a long term voluntary poverty alleviation project initiated in 1996 by Chinese Communist Youth League (CCYL), and cooperating with the Office of Civilization Construction, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Science and Technology (Most), and the Office of the Leading Group on Western Development. Through open recruiting, periodical rotation and long term sustentation, the plan recruits youth volunteers from cities to deploy annual volunteer projects, such as primary education, health development and agriculture technology deployment, in poor mid-west and west region.As our influence expands and Chinese volunteer work develops rapidly, we are attracting more and more people, including volunteers of Postgraduate Teaching Group, Undergraduate Supporting West Development, and many warmhearted people who are devoted to poverty alleviation.Currently our programs focus on education development. In addition, volunteers conduct student home-visit in their spare time. Since volunteers contact beneficiaries directly, we try our best to ensure integrity of our information and to supervise the proper distribution of donations.

Fund Source and Usage
Currently all externally contributed materials and money is only used for poor students¡¯ tuition or living expense. The usage of contribution to schools will depend on contributor¡¯s intention. To ensure honesty and integrity, we do not accept contribution directly. Benefactors need to mail all contribution to beneficiaries directly. We only check contribution availability and supervise the usage of the contribution.
All internal organization operation expense is shouldered by all of our volunteers. We will accept donations in the future when condition permits.

Our Programs
Poor students to be sponsored: details of poor students waiting for helpWays to contribute: how to contribute
Real stories: Volunteers¡¯ stories when visiting students and anecdotes of their daily lives
You2v at a glance: some pictures
You2v forum: BBS for communication
Min mailbox: personal works of Mr. Zhou, one of You2V initiators
Friend Links: links to other similar sites

Organization Structure
You2V now consist of Coordination Center, Home-visit group, Information group, technology group and Public relations group. Based on our open and free principle, we welcome volunteers from all over the country. We invite those having similar wishes and willing to follow our principles to join us. In addition, we will collaborate with any other entity, group or person effectively to advance Poverty Alleviation and Education Support project in impoverished regions.

Bylaws of You2V

1.Mission and Principle
Our mission is to develop financial resource from public voluntary donations to assist low-income kids in Midwest China in their education.
2. Purpose and Members
You2V was initiated by volunteers and supported by many warmhearted individuals contributing to poverty alleviation and public welfare. It is an independent, non-political, non-religious public charity organization bonded by voluntary and equality. The purpose of You2V is to seek education support for impoverished children, as well as provide a communication network for all volunteers devoting to China¡¯s education. The organization structure of You2V is based on an open platform that relies on You2V registered volunteers and back supported by Chinese Youth Volunteers Poverty Alleviation Project, Graduate Student Teaching Organization, and University Student Volunteers Western Exploration. We welcome all volunteers willing to contribute to improve China¡¯s education to join us. We also encourage those sharing the same vision and abiding to our principles to join our voluntary work. Further, we cooperate with other organizations with similar goals to support impoverished children¡¯s education.
3. Assistance plans and patterns
Human ResourceYou2V volunteers who support and agree with the principles and values of You2V and willing to join You2V.
Aid subjectWe support children who have never been to school, dropped out of school, or will be out of school soon due to family impoverishment but still have a strong desire for education, are encouraged by family and have good conduct and academic records(if applicable).
Fund raising and distributionYou2V surveys outstanding but impoverished students by frontier volunteers, and then publish surveys periodically at You2V.com. Hence, donors can select students to support through You2V.com. Currently, all charitable donations can only be used to support impecunious students¡¯ tuition, text books, boarding and allowance.

Assistance flowchart:
A. Survey poor children>>B. home visit to verify the information>>C. Compile all children¡¯s information>>D. Upload survey >>E. Manage and respond e-mail from benefactors¨¤>>F. Distribute donations>>G. Supervise students¡¯ performance regularly.
To make the process trustworthy, our volunteers don¡¯t accept donation directly, but they are responsible for supervising the arrival distribution, and use of donations.) One-to-one donation: After a supporter provides finance support to a beneficiary directly and informs us, our volunteers will check whether the beneficiary receives the support. If supporter donates tuitions or boarding fee to beneficiary, our volunteers will provide tuition or boarding fee receipt with school¡¯s seal to the supporter. If supporter provides living expense to beneficiary, our volunteers will supervise beneficiary to send expense details to donator periodically. Group donation: If a group provides tuition support, then the group needs to remit the money to school¡¯s account directly and inform the school and beneficiaries about the donation as proof of funding. Our volunteers will supervise the group and the school jointly to provide formal notice to students, and to ensure that the group¡¯s donation will cover the tuition in a valid period. If the group provides living allowance, our volunteers will help students open bank accounts to which donation will remit and supervise the students¡¯ usage of the donation.
Volunteers will cover all expenses that incur during the process of surveying, verifying and supervising, such as communication, transportation, and lodging, by themselves. Any kind of donation can never be used to cover volunteers¡¯ work expenses.
You2V volunteers are responsible for surveying impoverished children, providing accurate survey information for potential sponsors, and assisting sponsors to communicate with beneficiaries in the entire process.
As normal assistant channels are illustrated above, under special conditions, sponsors can request to support through alternative ways approved by You2V. Details of new sponsorship must be published on You2V.com.

4. Organization structure
A.Role and responsibility
1) Coordination CenterCoordination Center is a permanent You2V organization and is responsible for strategic development and for making key decisions. Every You2V member, including those in Coordination Center, should participate actively in You2V operation. Additional four working groups are setup accordingly. Each group defines its own regulations according to its assigned duty.
2) Home-visit GroupHome-visit group is composed of volunteer teachers. This group is responsible for checking and judging students¡¯ situation, supervising donation arrival to poor students and helping students to send feedback to donators.
3) Information Group Information group is responsible for checking and replying E-mail, compiling information and conducting follow-ups.
4) Technology GroupTechnology group is responsible for information uploading and renewing and You2V BBS forum management.
5) Public relations GroupPublic relations group is responsible for website promotion and You2V BBS forum management.
6) Supervisory GroupSupervisory group is responsible for timely retrospection, counseling, and drafting publications.
B. Election
The regular serving time for volunteer coordinators is one year. Replacements and continuity are made according to You2V policy after member¡¯s term of office.
C. Responsibility and Withdraw
All volunteers must agree and comply with You2V principles and office guidelines, and be earnestly responsible for assignments. Individual is responsible for his conduct in operations assigned by Coordination Center and each group.Volunteers should accept assignments within his capability, time and energy permission. To those who need to withdraw from You2V because of special needs temporarily or permanently but already have assignments, withdraw proposal should be submitted seven days in advance in order that Coordination Center and related teams could rearrange assignments appropriately. Those who withdraw abruptly or cannot complete assignments on time should follow withdraw procedures. Replacement should be arranged to ensure job continuity.

Organization Regulations

1 Following decisions should be voted by all active You2V volunteers on a democratic ground.
1) Principle amendments;
2) Coordination Center personnel;
3) Group leaders;
4) Other decisions that have significant impact on You2V daily operation.

2 Operation within each group is determined by its group leader and members. Difference should be resolved by at least one of the following three solutions in order to reach mutual agreement and consent.
1) voted by all You2V members
2) voted by members of the Group in which disagreement arise
3) voted by members of the Coordination Center

3 All votes in the Coordination Center are passed only with full support. All other votes (including abstain votes) should be passed by two thirds of the majority.

Principle amendment and Interpretation
1 At least five You2V members are necessary to appeal for principle amendment to Coordination Center. Proposed amendment must be approved by all You2V members.
2 You2V Coordination Center reserves rights to interpret this principle.

Brief history and major events of You2V

Initiation:August 20th to 28th 2002While in training in Beijing, Mr. Zhou proposed to publish a volunteer communication newsletter. XueSong suggested that establishing a web site would be a more effective way.

Mass discussion:September 2nd, 2002When visiting Mr. Zhao, the majority agreed to establish a web site presence in a discussion carried out in a restaurant on DongJing ST. and assignments were made.

Preparation:In the following month, home survey, document compiling, web site design, and organization principle were set accordingly in succession.

Upload:October 19th, 2002.You2V web site uploads successfully at WeiMin Network bar for the first time.

Major events:
December 2002.
Mr. Zhou¡¯s Min Mailbox was created to communicate with the public.
June 21 to 27 2003.
Little Love White House was created by Yujian Ling, Yuan Zhong, Shijun Xia and etc.
September 1, 2003
Members of the 7th baton of BaiSe Project, China Youth Volunteer for Poverty Alleviation Relay, started working.
September-October 2003
You2V assisted ShanHui-an oversea volunteer group-to donate scholarship in China for the first time. You2V started formal cooperation with ShanHui from then on.
October 17, 2003
You2V web site was completely remodeled thoughtfully by Xuesong Yang. January 2004You2V assisted ShanHui to fulfill its second scholarship donation. ShanHui¡¯s donation expanded to include Lingyun besides Tianyang.
March 2004
Work discussion forum was opened on You2V BBS.
April 11, 2004
You2V first member meeting was held and organization principles were published.May 2004You2V coordinated with Overseas China Education Foundation to distribute scholarship for the first time.
June 2004
You2V coordinated with Overseas China Education Foundation to build Lansha Elementary School.
November 2004
You2V coordinated with Hexun Communication, Beijing, to build Nabahexun Hope Elementary School.
January 29, 2005
A gathering of Beijing¡¯s volunteers and sponsors was held.
March 19, 2005
A gathering of Shanghai¡¯s volunteers and sponsors was held.
March 2005
You2V Lingyun volunteer association was registered.
April 2005
Entire members of You2V donated to purchase a new web hosting service. You2V BBS was then updated.
May 2005
A new sponsorship system was put into use. Sponsored area expanded to cover ten districts in three provinces-Guanxi, Yunnan, and Hunan .
May 13, 2005
You2V started using new logo designed by Xiaohan. The logo, completed by April 16th, 2005, consists of two hearts connecting with each other. The two hearts represent sponsor and beneficiary. You2V acts as a bridge to connect them together. It also represents that many hearts connect together and reflects that You2V is a supported by many generous and selfless sponsors.
May 17, 2005
A forum for Lingyun association was opened.
July 2005
You2V coordinated with Bright Moon and Cool Breeze, Shen Zhen, to fix up Yuhongyanlong Elementary School in Lingyun.
August 2005
You2V cooperated with Overseas China Education Foundation to build Meihuawenjiao First Elementary School and Jiayoulongjiao Elementary School.Cooperated with Bright Moon Cool Breeze, Shenzhen, to build Bright Moon Cool Breeze Tianjie Elementary School.
August 6, 2005
You2V summer conference was held in Bejing Normal University.
August 14, 2005
The 4th meeting of You2V Coordination Center reorganized internal organization structure.