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1¡¢Overseas China Education Foundation(OCEF):
Overseas China Education Foundation: a non-profit organization (previously SOS China Education Fund), first registered in October, 1992 in California and officially registered in April, 2001 in Texas. The mission of OCEF is to collect funds to assist with education in the poor regions of China. A major proportion of OCEF funds is contributed by oversea Chinese and warm-hearted foreigners. OCEF emphasizes in subsidizing the under-middle school kids who are on the verge of school dropout or the ones who lost the opportunity to attend school in China¡¯s national major poverty counties. In recent years, OCEF gradually developed some more comprehensive learning assistance programs that have both breadth and depth, such as ¡°Instructors Plan¡±, ¡°Library Program¡± and ¡°Build Schools Program¡±.

2¡¢To-Hope Volunteer Organization:
To-Hope Volunteer Organization (previously ShanHui Volunteer Organization) is a non-profit and non-government philanthropic organization funded by a group of oversea Chinese students in UK with the goal to help children from the poor areas of China to get the opportunity to study and to popularize education in China. Its main learning assistance programs include To-Hope Scholarship, ¡°One to One¡± Project and Extracurricular Reading Program. To-Hope Scholarship (previously ShanHui Scholarship) was funded in August, 2003 to help national poor kids to go to school. The procedure of To-Hope Scholar Program is that the volunteers and local teachers visit and survey poor students¡¯ families and determine students¡¯ eligibility. They compile a ¡°poor students¡¯ name list¡± in each semester; then, a volunteer goes to the poor areas to pay tuition for those poor students from donation collected.

3¡¢Tian Yang Communist Youth League Committee:
Tian Yang County belongs to the Chinese Volunteer Poverty Alleviation Relay Program of Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China. TiaYang County is located in the west of GuangXi Nationality Autonomous Region and in the middle of YouJiang River Reaches. Within its realm, there are three landforms ¨C plain mesa, hills and mountains ¨C which are well-known as ¡°Two Mountains, One Vale¡±. The minorities living in this county include Zhuang, Han and Yao. There are seven towns and eight subcounties in this county. Among them, the poverty situation in BaBie, LeiYu, QiaoYe, DongJing and ShenPing are the most serious. Since 2000, volunteers of the Chinese Volunteer Poverty Alleviation Relay Program, as well as those from Graduate Teach-Aid League and supporters for West Development Plan, have been helping the poor efficiently. Meanwhile, as counselor and coordinator of the county¡¯s youth volunteer work, TianYang Communist Youth League Committee provides effective support and valuable advice to many volunteers.

4¡¢Ming Yue Qing Feng
Ming Yue Qing Feng is non-government and philanthropic organization, established by Mr. Yue Liao who is an official from the Shenzhen Customs Department, and joined by his colleagues and many others. Its principle can be stated as: Unity and Love; Faith and Help; Its mission is to promote healthy social moral value and ethics; to communicate with Government; to assist Enterprises; to Care about the Poor. Its ¡°With Love¡± program, which is financed by charity donations, is dedicated to promote learning assistance programs, which provide school dropouts due to poverty with a chance to continue education.

5¡¢American-Chinese Culture Education Fund

American-Chinese Culture Education Fund is an independent nonprofit, non-political and non-government philanthropic organization registered in July, 2004 in California, and it has been benefited from tax-free policy of the United States Internal Revenue Service. The mission of the Fund is to help poor Chinese children to finish their basic education, and to promote Sino-USA culture communication and Chinese Study in US.

6.Chinese Public Welfare Clicking
Under the inspiration of the overseas charity organizations, the Chinese Public Welfare Clicking Website (hereafter ¡°the Site¡±) was initiated by Chincell-Tang Honey and Non-evil and Non-lewd Web together. The Site was initiated in May, 2004, and started its operation in June, 2004. Its goal is to establish a benign interactive field among vulnerable social groups, public welfare community, advertisers and network users. Every time a network user clicks advertisements on this site, a small amount about CNY0.20 is contributed to the public welfare project. (An effective access is counted after a user clicks an advertisement link. Thereafter all linkup pages will open. In addition, one IP address can only by counted one clicking per day. Multi-clicks do not count towards advertising income.) At the end of the month total advertising income will be sent directly to the public welfare community by advertisers.

7.Fuzhou Simple Life
Found in June, 2002, Simple Life is one of the most versatile and largest outdoor sports clubs in the City of FuZhou. Now it includes Simple Life outdoor sports club, outdoor equipment shop, caf¨¦, outdoor forum, volunteer consortium, study-aid consortium, zoology zone and etc. The volunteer consortium was established in October, 2003 and has passed the authentication of the Fuzhou Volunteer Supervision Centre. And now it has officially become one of the community organizations affiliated to Chinese Youth Volunteer. Its members are young and full of dreams. They participate in volunteer activities at their free time. They create a communication interface for the social benevolent people and build up a good platform to make the disabled, the impoverished students and the social vulnerable groups feel the love and concern from the society. They also set up special funds for Simple Study-aid and Encouragement Project to help students pursue their goals.

8.China NPO Network (CNPON)
CNPON was registered in 2001 and is a non-profit organization. Its mission is to serve nonprofit organizations, create intercommunication and cooperation platform among NPOs, government agencies, and enterprises through forum, training, network and so forth. It also devotes to impel legislative procedure of Chinese NPO. Its goal is to promote the Chinese third sector¡¯s development, and it has become one of the most important NPO supportive organizations in China.