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Based upon principles of honesty and credentials, we normally do not accept direct financial aid such as money and articles.

Volunteers, as supervisors, ensure that the condition of students who accept financial aids is true and inspect usage of the aid.

In order to ensurethe aid be distributed to students in need, and is not used in other purposes, we designed a financial aid processㄩ

1. Sponsors enter the web page for students awaiting assistance. Select an impoverished student by clicking on his/her name. Then click on ※I want to support this student§ after viewing his/her details. You will be directed to the web page to fill out the Sponsorship Request Formㄛwhich is necessary in the financial aid process..

2. Volunteers in the Documentary Groupwill respond to you as soon as possible. If the Sponsorship Request Form is completed without error, the Documentary Group will issue you a letter of confirmation to confirm your sponsorship for a student in 5 days, and inform you financial transaction details (such as communication address, remittance address and method, etc.). When we receive your acceptance acknowledgment to the letter of confirmation, your sponsorship to the student is established formally.

3. If you have not received any confirmation in a week after you filled out the Sponsorship Request Form, please send an e-mail to you2v@you2v.com to inquire your sponsorship status. Please specify your desired student*s name and address in your e-mail.ㄗfor example: Lingyun Documentary GroupㄙㄙschoolㄙㄙStudentㄘ

4. When we receive your confirmation acknowledgment, we will send your selected student a financing notice, which includes your financial aid intention and contact information, so to establish formal relationship between you and the student.

5. Please carefully read and respond to our letter of confirmation before arranging any monetary transaction. Meanwhile, please inform us through you2v@you2v.com about time and amount of your remittance so that we can track your donation and confirm its arrival to you in time.

6. Local volunteers are responsible for receiving financial aid and for supervising its usage. They also urge students to respond to sponsors and inform sponsors about tuition fee receipts.

7. We hope that sponsors can communicate with students frequently because it is important to help students financially and intellectually. If you can communicate with your beneficiary once a while in your busy life, it will make this sponsorship more meaningful.

8. If you have not decided who you want to support, and just want to know more about a student, please contact local volunteers who survey the students . Local frontier volunteers can give you a comprehensive introduction of an impoverished student. If you determine to support a student, please follow our financial aid process to establish your sponsorship so that we can help and supervise the financing process.

9. Please visit our BBS (http://www.you2v.com/bbs) which has a special forum dedicated to sponsors (Love online). F inancing process is reported in this forum, And we also answer questions regarding financial aid process, publish surveys and etc. If you have any questions, opinions or suggestions about your sponsorship, feel free to post them there.

10. If you have any questions about financing or about our organization, please contact us through you2v@you2v.com


Q1ㄩHow to select a child you want to sponsor?
A: You can choose impoverished students to be sponsored listed on the Students awaiting assistance page.http://www.you2v.com/page/student/all.asp

Q2. Most impoverished students listed live in Guangxi province. Why can*t I find students from other regions?
A: Becausemost volunteers joined in you2v are from Guangxi and Shanxi province, most students are from Guangxi province. There are some students in Hunan and Gansu province. And the coverage of impoverished students survey by You2V is expanding.

Q3.How to confirm your sponsorship to your recipient?
A: We will send you a sponsorship confirmation letter upon receiving your request. If you have no questions about this feedback, your sponsorship for your selected is established. Meanwhile, after receiving your sponsorship request, we will change the status of the student to have been sponsored. Please make financial transactions after you are confirmed and notify us once your send out your donation so our local volunteers can track it properly.

Q4. If I have not received any feedback in a week since I send out my sponsorship request, what should I do?
A: Because all volunteers in Documentary Group work in their free time and are busy with sponsor files, you can send us an email to request for status if you have not received any feedback after a week since you send your sponsorship request. Please direct your email with title 每 ※ To the Documentary Group Leader§, we will contact proper personnel and get back to you as fast as we can .
Q5. If I want to contact an investigation volunteer directly to establish my sponsorship, what shall I do?
A: You can contact our investigation volunteers who will offer you all the information about the student you want to know, such as studying records, family condition, and other relevant aspects. But you cannot establish sponsorship orally. Please establish your sponsorship with your desired student according to our sponsorship procedure.

Q6. If I have not received any feedback in two weeks since I send out the money, what should I do?
A: Please send us an email with your donation time and amount shortly after your donation. We will contact local volunteers to check your donation status. If you haven*t received any feedback from us within two weeks from your donation date, please send us an email with title 每 ※Donation Status Inquiry§. Please also include such relevant transaction information as account number, amount and recipient so we can trace your donation and get back to you as fast as we can.

Q7. What should I do if I have not received any communication with your sponsored student?
A: Since it takes longer than normal for mails from remote mountain region to be delivered, please wait for three months patiently. If you still have not received any letter from your sponsored student, please feel free to contact us via you2v@163.com with ※Student Condition Inquiry§ as title. Normally our local volunteers ask your sponsored student to contact you upon receiving your support. But sometimes students may not respond on time due to various conditions such as shy, overloaded schoolwork, and personal characters. Under this condition, our local volunteers will give a through evaluation of your sponsored student. We encourage you to initiate communication with the student.

Q8. How to sponsor a student from overseas? Do I need to exchange currency into Chinese Yuan?
A: We have successfully accepted many oversea funding. Currently there are three ways to support.
1) You can exchange your fund to Chinese Yuan through friends and relatives in China and then send it to your sponsored student via China Post Savings. Highly recommended.
2) Direct mail your check to your favorite student or local volunteer. We do not recommend this way since most students and local volunteers live in remote villages and currency exchange, which is not available in small towns but in cities far away, is nearly impossible or takes more than a month.
3) You can transfer your fund to a volunteer in Guangzhou who is dedicated to accept international funds. She will exchange your fund to Chinese Yuan and then send it to your favorite student.

Q9. If my current economic situation does not allow me to sponsor a student till graduation, may I sponsor him periodically?
A: Generally, we recommend sponsors with reliable resources to support a student till he graduates from elementary, middle or high school. A long and stable sponsorship will benefit kid*s growth. Although we prefer students having reliable and continuous sponsorship before high school, we appreciate any format of support to get kids back to school. There is no minimum requirement for funding. Even one semester*s tuition is deeply appreciated. If for any reason, such as family condition changes, communication, and student*s under-performance, that leads to temporary sponsorship termination, please notify us before new semester begins so we can arrange new sponsor properly.

Q10. What are the minimum expenses 每 including tuition, living expense, and transportation 每 for a local elementary, middle or high school student ?
A: We help kids living in different geographic regions. Consequently, the minimum expenses vary. Every survey we published explains expenses required by local school to which students belong. To illustrate, as of LingYun county,

Village Elementary School: / semester Tuition 80 yuan ($10) * Boarding 100 每 150 yuan ( $13 - $19)

Town Elementary School Tuition 100 每 250 yuan ($13 - $32) Boarding 100 每 200 yuan ( $13 - $25)

Village Middle/High School /Semester Tuition 200 yuan ($25) Boarding 100 每 200 yuan ( $13 - $25)

Village Center Middle/High School Tuition 290 yuan ($37) Boarding 100 每 300 yuan ( $13 - $38)

Town Middle/High SchoolTuition 350 yuan ($44)Boarding 150 每 500 yuan ($19 - $63)
We generally suggest sponsors to patronage kids* tuition fee. Most benefactors support kids* tuition fee and necessary postage ranging from 20 to 100 yuan ( $3 - $13). If you communicate with kids frequently without difficulties, you are more than welcome to donate some necessary study aid materials and stationary. We do not promote sponsoring living expense except for orphans. We do not encourage sponsors to donate more than necessary living expense for kids. Otherwise it will create a reliance inclination that could burden benefactors. Please refer to the approximate tuition and expenses above before making any donations. Thank you.* US dollar amount is calculated by dividing the amount in Chinese Yuan by 8 and then rounded up to the nearest integer. For example,[100 Chinese Yuan / 8] = [12.5] = $13.

Q11. May I send my beneficiary some stationary after my sponsorship is confirmed and letter communication has been established?
A: You are more than welcome to donate stationary and study materials to kids, such as English Chinese Dictionary, pens and pencils. Other materials are not critical since different regions use different teaching materials and such study supplement as text books and exercise books purchased from other regions may not suite local teaching needs. General books and journals that fit in local reader age and living environment are appreciated, such as motivation essays, Youth Journal, Public Speech, Classics like Nikolai Ostrovsky*s My College, Margaret Mitchell*s Gone with the Wind, and Charlotte Bronte*s Jane Eyre. List above is for your information only. We appreciate your concern and trust.