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From 2004/7 to 2005/7¡¡¡¡
First of all, we appreciate AmCham to give YOU2V this opportunity. We would like to take this chance to review the work and progress we made in the past year systematically. The annual report includes:

  • The Establishment of YOU2V
  • Mission and tenet
  • Service scope, method and outcomes
  • Organization structure and membership status
  • Financial status
  • Organization vision

    The Establishment of YOU2V
    You2v is established by volunteers who were sent in 2002 Poverty-Relief Relay Project, which is conducted by China Youth League Center Committee, aiming at providing the education opportunities for children in the destitute parts of China. We start up this website with two key purposes: internally, YOU2V will be the spiritual home for youth volunteers on internet; externally: YOU2V will be a platform for all warm-hearted people to know and participate in our work on helping children in poverty.

    The name of YOU2V includes nice wishes: to all warm-hearted people, you2v is ¡°you to we¡±; I serve everybody, everybody serves me; to the children who received financial aid, you2v means ¡°you to victory¡±. We hope they can use knowledge to change themselves, their family and their hometown¡¯s fate, with each warm-hearted person¡¯s help.

    Mission and Tenet
  • Everything is for the children. Provide benevolent assist to junior and senior poverty students in Midwest China;
  • Provide a direct channel to the people who expect to express their social responsibilities;
  • Provide youth volunteers with a platform to communicate and achieve their dreams.

    Service scope, Method, Outcomes

    1. One-to-One Sponsorship Project
    Expansion scope
    Guangxi Province: Tianyang County¡¢Lingyun County¡¢Tiandeng County¡¢Longan County¡¢Rongshui County, Mengshan County¡¢Wuxuan County¡¢Donglan County£¨assessing)
    Gansu Province£ºYuzhong County¡¢Dingxi County
    Hunan Province£ºHengyang County
    One-to-One Sponsorship Project mode:
    Data of the students Collecting ---- Data confirming by visiting students¡¯ families ¨C Data neatening - Data uploading ¨CWork communicating by email--- Sponsorship-information confirming-- Communicating and feedback between sponsor and students---- Monitoring periodically
    The stat. on July 10th, 2005 showed that there are 1187 poverty students who have already been assisted.
    From 2004/7 to 2005/7, we have held three get-togethers between the sponsors and the volunteers in Beijing and Shanghai.

    2. Books Project
    The implementation plan of books project: associated with OCEF, books are firstly donated by sponsors to the book distribution spots of OCEF in China. Then volunteers apply books from OCEF.
    The scope of books project: at present, the project is only in Tianyang County and Lingyun County. However, we are introducing the project to other counties step by step.
    Implementation outcome
  • In 2004, Lingyun County received over 2000 books from OCEF.
  • In March, 2005, Lingyun County received over 1000 books from Homeway Company.
  • In 2004 and 2005, most of the schools in Tianyang County received the free publication ¡°Country Children¡± from OCEF.

    3. School Building Donation
    School Building Donation Mode:
    YOU2V works as the agency and supervisor, contacting sponsors and the schools to cooperate. The project mainly held in Lingyun County currently.
  • 2004/11,Naba Hexun Hope Primary School was set up by Beijing Homeway Company
  • 2005/7, Longyan Primary School was maintained by ¡°The Moon and Wind¡± Website group
  • 2005/8,Longjiao Primary School was set up by OCEF
  • 2005/8, The first American Chinese Culture and Education Primary School is set up by ACCEF
  • 2005/8, The Moon and Wind Primary School is set up by ¡°The Moon and Wind¡± Website group

    4. Collective Donation
  • ToHope Scholarship Project has sponsored 27 students during their third scholarship project.
  • ACCEF has sponsored 42 students in 2004
  • 2005/3, Commonweal Website donated RMB5000 to sponsor 4 High School students.

    5. Asset Donation
    A number of schools or students have received asset donation by enterprises or individual sponsors, the asset ranges from chairs and desks to computers and stationary.

    Organization Structure and Membership Status

    Board Members
    Zhou Zhongmin (retired engineer),
    Ling Yujian (Education administrative staff)£¬
    Yang Xuesong (IT Engineer),
    Zhong Yuan (PHD,University teacher),
    Zhou Xinwang (Civil servant),
    Zheng Bing (corporation manager),
    Li Cailan (Civil servant),
    Miao Jing (corporation staff),
    Zhang Jingmei £¨financial manager£©,
    Yang Guoqiong (NPO project assistant)

    Chief Executive Principal: Yang Guoqiong
    Managing executive: Miao Jing
    Project Manager: Zheng Bing
    1) Technology group: 2 staff ---------------- group leader: Yang Xuesong
    2) Propagandize group: 6 staff ------------- group leader: Zhou Xinwang
    3) Human resource group: 5 staff -------------- group leader: Zhang Jingmei
    4) External contact group: 2 staff ------------------- group leader: Ling Yujian
    5) Financial group: 2 staff: ---------------- group leader: Zhang Zhiying
    6) One-to-One Sponsorship Project group: 58 staff -----------group leader: Chen Xiaoyan
    7) Books group: 2 staff ---------------------------- group leader: Zhang Jian
    8) School establish group: 2 staff ---------------------group leader: Li Cailan
    9) Supervise group: 3 staff ----------------group leader: Li Tonggao

    Total volunteer staff: 75 volunteer staff (including some volunteers having two duties)

    Financial Status
    Since we never deduct our managing cost from any donations, the volunteers take on their own cost.
    Income: beneficence of internal volunteers RMB 1830
    Expenditure: server roomage fee: RMB 1750

    ** One of YOU2V¡¯s branches in Lingyun County has established a public account Account number: 628101040005322
    Income: total beneficences of imburses: RMB 14800
    Expenditure Registration¡¡¡¡¡¡ RMB 5,000
    Registration service charge RMB 208
    Invoice RMB 40
    Seal RMB 480
    Total: RMB 57,28
    Balance£º RMB 14032
    (This Balance includes the registration fee still in the account)

    Organization Vision
    YOU2V manages to help all children in China to obtain full education. In order to achieve this goal and take on more social services, YOU2V have to do more on capacity and accountability building in the next academic year.